I started my career in journalism and reporting as an amateur at the beginning of the Syrian Revolution in March 2011. When I picked up my Nokia phone and took my first photos of pro-regime armed forces surrounding my city of Douma as they committed the very first massacre downtown where local people had gathered for a protest on April 1, 2011. Since that day, and through the subsequent events I witnessed over those years, I learned to believe in the power and value of the image. I worked as a freelance photojournalist for several global press agencies and media during the five-year siege of Eastern Ghouta by the Syrian regime, from mid-October 2013 to the beginning of April 2018, such as The Guardian, Middle East Monitor, BBC News Night, Deutsche Welle, Global Voices, Berlingske, L'OBS, etc. Covering daily life and people's stories under daily bombardment, in addition to documenting the use of internationally banned weapons against civilians, such as cluster bombs, napalm, and chemical weapons. After seven bloody years of survival, I was forced to leave the destroyed region and flee to the north of Syria in March 2018. I crossed the border from Syria to Turkey on the evening of July 21, 2018. I then arrived in France in 2018. I continued my superior studies and graduated with a Master's degree in "Journaliste Reporter d'Image" from The Superior School of Journalism in Paris 2020/2022. I resumed my photojournalism work as a freelance in Paris in 2019. Thanks to the experiences I gained through the years, I cover social movements, politics, sports, fashion, celebrities, and portraits in France. I worked as a photographer for Guiti News 2020-2021. As a video reporter for the C Politique show on France 5TV 2021-2022. In addition to working as a photo editor at the AFP Paris Photo Desk 2022-2023. Today, I work as a freelance photojournalist on the ground for several press photo agencies.

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