La France est le dernier pays où j'ai mis les pieds, je suis arrivé le 5 décembre 2018. Trois mois plus tard, cette affiche d'exposition a été publiée sur les réseaux sociaux. Après des années à organiser des expositions depuis Douma assiégée et à prendre la parole à distance lors d'événements, c'était la première fois que je pouvais réellement être présent, en personne, pour une exposition de mes photographies en France.
Ghouta Orientale
The first photo exhibition took place in Lisieux, on March 13, 2019.
Visitors saw photos that illustrated daily life under five years of the Syrian regime's brutal siege on Eastern Ghouta, including tragic moments in the aftermath of bombings, and the peaceful civilian demonstrations for freedom. I spoke to the audience about the general situation in Douma in Eastern Ghouta, answering questions which helped the visitors deeply engage in the reality of each photo and its spirit.
Organised by: TANIT Théâtre.
Ghouta Orientale
The second photo exhibition took place at the city hall of the 1st arrondissement of the city of Lyon, from May 20 to 25, showing both the suffering and the daily life of people under the five-year siege of Eastern Ghouta. We held a roundtable discussion to talk about the ongoing genocide against the Syrian people carried out by the Assad regime.  I described the reality of living under the Syrian regime's longest siege and how media activists could spread word, essentially "smuggling" the news, from the frontlines and from under the siege to the outside world. I described the lies used by Russian and  Syrian regime propaganda to hide the reality of life for Syrian people.
We answered the questions and described details of life inside Syria at the time of the exhibition, including the deteriorating situation in Idlib.
Organised by: Revivre Association & Collectif des Amis d’Alep with La Mairie du 1er arrondissement de Lyon.
De La Syrie À L'Europe
I participated with five other Syrian journalists in a photography exhibition including images I took when I was in Eastern Ghouta, Syria, and photos I took after I arrived in France. The exhibition was held in Paris, July 31 to August 4, 2019. This was during the 4th year of  the "Syrien N’est Fait" festival in Paris.
Organised by: Syrien N’est Fait festival.
Exposition Photos L’Agora 2019
I had the opportunity to exhibit images I took under the Syrian regime's siege on my region of Eastern Ghouta in this event, the second edition of the "L’Agora du Lab’r / DiAir Event of Ambition: Bringing together those involved in the reception and integration of refugees to explore new ways of working together."

The exhibition took place in Saint-Denis, Paris, On November 26, 2019.
Organised by: L’Agora du Lab’r / DiAir.
Normandy Tour
We held four discussions after each screening of the movie "For Sama" in four different cinemas in Normandy in November 2019. The cities of “Aunay-sur-Odon”, “Condé-sur-Vire”, “Hauteville-sur-Mer”, and “Cherbourg”.
At the end of each screening, I told the audience, “C’est l’histoire de chaque région qui a participé à la Révolution contre le régime”––This is the story of every region that participated in the Revolution against the regime.
In addition my testimony about life under the five-year siege of Eastern Ghouta, and showing some of my images from those years, we also talked about how we managed to face death with a smile and the will to survive.
Organised by: KMBO, Amnesty International, la Ligue d’Enseignement de Normandie et le Réseau Génériques et la Cimade.
Ghouta Orientale
The third photo exhibition took place at the city hall of the 2nd arrondissement of Paris, February 3–20, 2020. It showed the suffering experienced under the five-year siege and how people lived their daily lives.
For an hour and a half, Cecile Hennion, Joël Hubrecht, Muhammad Mojahed, Hana Jaber, and myself, spoke at a roundtable titled “Témoigner à tout prix” (Testifying No Matter What It Takes).  We talked about the risks we took to show the reality of the Syrian Revolution the costs of exposing the crimes of dictators. We discussed with the visitors the details of life in Syria at the time of the exhibition, and about the situation in Idlib.
Organised by: Revivre Association, Collectif des Amis d’Alep & ASML with La Mairie du 2e arrondissement de Paris.

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